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Quality Department in Torun is well-equipped with various sophisticated equipment including CMMs. We know that quality is not only a controlling process but also a value produced. To this end, we have quality stations all around production area in every corner. According to our works and ISO directives, we adopt continuous improvement through Kaizen studies in all processes.

Thanks to sophisticated and rich variety of measurement devices, measurement reports and records are stored electronically ensuring full traceability. Quality is monitored at all times not only by assigned inspectors but also all units involved throughout whole production. In short, quality is to be produced during production process rather than controlled.

Our Mission

To be a global brand by manufacturing components or parts, fulfilling expectations of worldwide reputable industrial organizations

Entegrated Management System Policy

We believe that a management system which has an innovative approach and is based on continuous improvement activities, cost and lean management philosophy and also fed from Industry 4.0 and flexible manufacturing principles are crucial for sustainable success.

For that reason, we as Torun Bakır;

  • To be a customer oriented team
  • To provide fast and effective solutions to each customer demands by focusing on customer expectations and feedbacks
  • To bring each kind of enviroment friendly technology state of art into life which would add value to our employees and customers
  • To provide solutions for our shareholders to bring min.risk and max value and meet expectations of creating future value for our shareholders by considering management our all cost items and understanding of productivity or efficiency.
  • To follow and implement national and international laws and legislation
  • To establish democtratic sphere and opportunities for our employees according to their expectations to develop their talents or their own self actualisation.
  • To achieve an working enviroment for our employees where any kind of measures in sake of safe &healty working conditions to achieve zero defect.
  • To provide solutions to our suppliers by fullfilling their expectations in terms of on time delivery and payment in sake of sustaining our corporate image
  • To work for minimising or if possible eliminating negative enviromental effects by being enviromental sensitive
  • To reduce continously energy consumption
  • We announce to our shareholders that we will protect privacy, integrity and accessibility of data safety belonging to our shareholders,take measures to sustain continuity of those data and information and provide necessary resources in order to meet expectations of information management system and manage all activities in compliance with this policy.
  • Improve the effectiveness and performance of our integrated management system continuously, also adopt risk management as integrated management system policy and finally we promise that we will execute our all activities according to mentioned principles
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