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Our Quality Laboratory is working always in contact with Quality Office where the data transmission is realized by the responsible staffs. In the Laboratory devices are available and actively used.

Torun, has a new laboratory apart from the measurement side that is the laboratory of Metallurgy. With the machines leading the latest technology, it is possible to do the chemical analysis, alpha – beta tests of our materials and reach the results in the fastest way, with no need of external lab.

Our laboratory is consisted of the following machines;

  • Optical Emission Spectrometer: We can analyze 18 different element in brass.,
  • Bakalite Machine: By getting the sample into the Bakelite, we can apply polishing operation to get smoother surfaces.
  • Cutting Machine: Samples are prepared by being cut as required sizes.
  • Polishing and Grinding Machine: Better surfaces are achieved by this operation.
  • Water Bath: As per the related standard, samples are taken in to the special solution during 24 hours, then analyzing begins with microscope.
  • Crematorium: To be faster on sample preparation, a quicker annealing is performed by this small furnace.
  • Fume Cupboard: Hazardous gases within the prepared solutions are vacuumed.
  • Metal Microscope: After all actions taken, the microstructure analyze is being performed by the microscope
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